I am very pleased with the Freedback form software, and the auto-responder that goes with it. In the first day that I had the Freedback form on my website, I received 11 conversions through the form, and one was converted into a $50,000 lease application, resulting in a $1,500 commission to me."

—Charles Freeland, Alliance Funding

I just wanted you to know that I found you guys last night on the web and you are to blame for me not getting any sleep last night. Your product is exactly what we need for our business to hit high gear (we do a lot of custom work and we've been trying to make the selection "funnel" process easier for our customers).

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Thank you, Aaron, for your professionalism and utmost attention. While many companies have forgotten what customer service is all about, Freedback.com certainly has not. Adorable Gift Baskets highly recommends your service."

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I made order forms for my site but I could never get it to function correctly. For example it wouldn't go to my email, or give me all the info I want.... I kept doing something wrong...And when I came to your site, it made it simple. Thank you.

"I really do enjoy your service. Thanks for your help & advice!!!"

—Digital Artifact

The day after I put Freedback on my site it was handling 2/3 of my dance lesson signups for me. Because people want a way to sign up without using the phone, I'm now making more money with less time. I'm impressed with your service. Thank you."

—Kevin Savage, Red Hot Swing

Freedback is a "friend indeed" for a small business like ours. We have used your fine service for several years now and we found it to be perfect for our needs; reliable, professional, and user-friendly." THANK YOU!"

—Alison Blackman Dunham, The Advice Sisters Relationships Web Site

As an internet professional I am always looking for new and exciting things to pass on to others.

"Freedback.com is a wonderful tool for beginners and veterans alike. This powerful yet simple tool allows for easy integration and customization. No matter what kind of form you use; order form, request form, contact form, comment card, reservation form...., this is the tool for you. Communicating with your site visitors will make the difference between satisfaction or failure.

"Keep up the great work, Aaron. I am sure Freedback and Wondermill will be around for many years to come."

—Reverend Jeff Henderson, The CDBible Project

Freedback is an invaluable resource for Web sites.  If you want to provide your site's visitors with the ability to contact you, a contact form is the best way to go.  Contact forms provide a professional look and feel, you can easily direct your visitor's comments, and they help prevent SPAM!  The Freedback code is easy to implement and has proven to be exceptionally stable - a terrific investment for any serious webmaster!"

—Glenn Cartwright, Editor, The Gospel Report

Thank-you so much for your great service!

"Your forms have just solved two of my biggest problems. First, I am not familiar with making forms myself. Your copy and past feature is quick and easy! Second, my ISP offers me free web space with no CGI scripting support. Without a form, I would have to use a mailto link, which I found no one wanted to use. Now that I have a form on my website, people are actually getting in touch with me! But the best part of your service is...YOUR SERVICE! Your customer service is way above par!

"Thanks so much for everything!"

—Dan Bird, The Bird Nest

I find the system as well as the company to be user-friendly. They are very comfortable to work with, even for non-technical persons such as myself. I can't wait to see what they come up with next."

—Dr. David A. Banks, Higher Education Services


"You don't know how long I have tried to create a successful form that links with my email.  I was baffled by the concept of CGI and all of my messages failed to reach me, as I scripted the typical:  Method="post"Action="mailto:". it always bothered me that it would open outlook express. I can successfully have an online business because of you!!"

—Tara Field, ChowderHead

Freedback is the ONLY / BEST form hosting site on the Internet. My web hosting firm doesn't allow cgi, so freedback.com was (and still is) a great alternative for my site's Order Form. I would recommend freedback.com to anyone."

—Herbie C. McNinch, Inventor & Founder, Quick Shave

I'm using Freedback forms for several different educational pages/sites. I was frustrated with only being able to create email html forms. With Freedback I could produce customized text, check box, radio button and menu fields to collect content and responses from web visitors.

"The real beauty is receiving the content in a friendly organized message that could be manipulated for spreadsheets or whatever. After obtaining a membership, I can generate functioning response web forms in one evening. It's great because I can receive responses for my organizations in one email inbox. Being able go back to Freedback.com and create mail forms pages without using a complicated SQL or ASP server-side tools.

"My web site visitors receive a thank you page without having them leave my web site. I can even easily create a one shot online survey for colleagues and could collate the responses which are in formatted rows of text for corresponding fields. Another example was a mailing list subscription page that users could quickly enter right in my site. I also appreciate using Freedback created by Canadian-owned Wondermill at a very reasonable price."

—Al Smith, Teacher-Librarian, Okanagan School District

I have gotten very good service from Freedback. Thank you!"

—Jeb Pittard, StoneCrest Apartments

I have found Freedback Forms to be the most accurate and cost effective way available to communicate with website visitors. Freedback forms can be configured to draw customers, gather information or solicit almost any response. A highly useful tool for any site. I would definitely recommend Freedback forms to anyone concerned.


—Tom Black, The Atlas Organization

Just wanted to say I think your service is great! Too bad there aren't more like it. Many thanks,"


I am really quite amazed at the user friendliness and handiness of Freedback... it's so useful!"

—Robert Thomson

Just wanted Freedback to know that I think they're the only free email-form generator that's worth a damn! I installed it on my new web site and it works beautifully. Thanx a lot folks."

—Paul Braxton

If there is any hassle to creating and implementing a form on a web site I wouldn't know because I used Freedback first and never looked back."

Best Regards,"

—Raymond M. Fremont Jr. Marketing Manager, Freedom Valley Properties, LLC

Freedback.com is an awesome resource! If you're big on customizing your website but can't handle the cgi scripts, they are the answer to your user feedback issues. They're fast, friendly, helpful, and easy to use. I wish I'd found them years ago to use on past websites."

—Joanne, Eyes Wide Open

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