Frequently Asked Questions

Are the forms hosted by Freedback? Or do I host them on my website?

In most situations, the forms are hosted on your website. We help you create the forms, with our easy-to-use form builder. Then we give you the HTML to copy & paste onto your website.

Do I need to know HTML, or do any “programming” to create my form?

Not at all. We have an easy-to-use form builder that lets you create fields and give them labels. You can specify which fields are required. After you’ve finished creating your forms, Freedback automatically generates the HTML for you. Simply copy & paste the form to your website and you’re done!

How do I see the data that people submit to my form?

Each time your form is submitted, we automatically send you an email with the contents of the form submission. A copy of each submission is also stored on our website, so you can view your form submissions by logging into your Freedback account as well.

Can I edit my form in a webpage editor (e.g., Dreamweaver or FrontPage)?

Yes but you should only change the colors, text size and “look” of your form this way. We do not recommend adding or changing fields using a webpage editor. To add, modify, or remove fields, login to your Freedback account and use our form builder to make the changes (you'll then need to re-copy & paste the form HTML to your website).

Do you offer discounts for non-profit or educational organizations?

We offer 30% discounts to certified nonprofit and educational organizations. If you qualify, please follow these simple steps to receive a discount:

  1. Create a Freedback Account (if you haven’t done so already).
  2. Send us a message on our Contact Us page containing the following information:

    1. The email address of your Freedback account.
    2. A brief explanation of why you qualify. (E.g., are you are registered non-profit or an educational institution?)
    3. A link to your web site (or other supporting documentation).

After reviewing your email, we will add a non-profit coupon to your account.

I am not receiving emails when someone submits my form. How do I fix this?

This is usually simple to fix. A short list of easy-to-try suggestions follow. One of these will most likely solve your problem, but if the problem persists, then please Contact Us.

  1. Is your form itself is working? You can test this by filling out your form and then submitting it. After you've done so, login to your Freedback account and click “Submissions”. Did your submission show up there? If not then your form itself isn’t working. Try re-cutting & pasting your form HTML or Contact Us.

  2. If you tried #1, and your form submission did show up under "Submissions", then the problem is our emails aren’t reaching you. Here are some possible reasons this would be happening and how to to fix it:

    1. (Most Common Fix) Form submissions emails are being caught by your spam filter
      Check if the emails are in your spam folder. If they are, then mark them as “Not Spam”. If your email is handled by your employer, then ask them if they have a spam filtering system that might be preventing our emails from reaching you.

    2. We have the wrong email address on file for you
      To check the email address have on file for you, do the following:

      1. Login to your Freedback account.
      2. Click “Edit” next to the form you aren’t receiving emails for.
      3. Click step 2, “Form Options”.
      4. The email address we are using is listed in the “Email” section.
    3. Our emails are being rejected by your ISP
      To find out if this is true, login to your Freedback account and click “Submissions” (to view the submissions for a form). If a submission was rejected by your ISP, then next to it you will see a message that says: “This message was not accepted by your ISP.” Contact your ISP to resolve this issue.

An error message saying “No account is specified and no destination email provided.” appears after I submit my form, what should I do?

This error usually arises because the HTML created by our Form Builder was edited. The form HTML must contain two hidden fields that look like this (to pass the “acctid” and “formid” values to our system):

<input type="hidden" name="acctid" id="acctid" value="idcjnllgsdtiyif" /> 
<input type="hidden" name="formid" id="formid" value="1179" />

These hidden fields could have been deleted when editing the form by hand, or when copying & pasting to your website. The web and text editing software you are using could also have removed them. Some editors work in “rich text format”, which can prevent hidden fields from being copied properly. Switching the editor to work to “plain text” before copy & pasting may fix this problem. If this problem continues, then please contact the software maker for support.

How do I update my credit card information?

To update your credit card information, please contact us at (You cannot update your credit card online at this time). If we are unable to bill your account for after trying for three days, then your subscription will be canceled. Don’t worry though, your account can be re-upgraded for 15 days after it is cancelled. Simply login to your account and click “Upgrade” to start another billing subscription.

My auto-responder emails aren't getting sent out, how do I fix this?

When your form is first created, we automatically create a special “Email” field for you that works with the auto-responder. If this field is deleted, then the auto-responder won’t work until it is replaced. (Note that this is a special email field, you can’t manually create a new “Email” field to replace it.)

If you deleted your “Email” field, the fix is simple. Just go to step 2. “Form Options”, and click the checkbox to turn back on the auto-responder. A new “email” field will automatically be created for you.

Can I customize the errors people see when they haven’t filled out all required fields?

No, unfortunately there isn’t a way to customize these errors. (If you know JavaScript then technically you could write a script to provide custom error messages. But we can’t provide support or information on how to do it. Some international customers have succeeded in developing JavaScript error checking to provide non-english language error messages.)

Are form submissions stored in a database?

Yes, all form submissions are stored in our online database for 6 months. File attachments are only stored for 1 month. You can access your form submissions anytime by logging into your Freedback account.

Can I export my form submission data? Or import it into another database? Or open it as an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes, our paid plans allow you to export your form submissions as an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file, which you can then import into another database (or open in Excel).

Can form submissions be emailed to multiple email addresses?

The Business plan allows you to email your forms to multiple email addresses. (Other plans are restricted to one email address.)

Can I use a form I’ve already created with Freedback? (E.g. a form I’ve created in Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or Handcoded myself)

We recommend that you use our form builder, which makes the setup and creation of your form easy. But you can use your existing form with a bit of work, here the instructions for using an existing form.